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Welcome! As a healthy school we try to make sure that Stoberry pupils can stay mentally healthy as well as being physically healthy.  Looking after our mind is vital, and must be understood as being just as important as looking after our body.


Wellbeing is about looking after our ‘whole’ self.


Stoberry Park School have Pupil Wellbeing Ambassadors from EYFS to Year 6 that support wellbeing of their peers throughout the day but especially at playtimes. They inform decisions made in school about mental health and wellbeing. We also have a Wellbeing Working Group consisting of staff, parents and Governors that continue to strive to make Stoberry Park School a happy and healthy community.


Please take a look at the links and resources below which will provide your child, you and your family with some positive ways to support your wellbeing.


Promoting positive wellbeing is about combining physical exercise, time to talk and to be quiet, time to relax and be mindful, eating healthily and listening to and thinking about how we feel.


Sometimes we might feel happy, sad, fed up, angry, frustrated, excited, unsure and this can be very confusing and hard to manage.  These feelings are messages that we need to learn to pay attention to, not something to ignore.    


The resources on this page will help you to understand some of your feelings, help you to find ways to make time for yourself and encourage positive steps to good wellbeing.

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