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Stoberry Park School Meal Service


Hot meals are available throughout the year for anyone who wishes to have them, provided they have ordered.

The menu for Stoberry Park is supplied by The Blue School Kitchens.

The menu works on a three weekly rota and should be booked for each half term.

You can order as many or as few meals per week as you wish.

The choice at the moment is from a main dish, a vegetarian dish, a jacket potato with filling or a salad. A pudding is provided but can be changed to a yogurt or a piece of fruit. We also provide a choice of packed lunches with a yogurt, fruit and a cookie for school trips.

Bread and water is provided every day.

Any requests for meals need to be ordered by the end of each term  before the meals are required, so that the Blue School Kitchen can cater to our requirements.


If your child is absent from school we will cancel and credit the meal providing we have received notification from you by 9:30 am that morning.


Payments to be made online via SCO pay - please follow the link on our school website


The cost of meals: One meal and a dessert costs £2.70




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