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Whole school rolling programme 2023 onwards

At Stoberry Park School, our curriculum is organised in to a 'rolling programme' for all years apart from the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception classes), as we work in mixed age classes.  Our curriculum aim is to enable the children to 'know more and be able to do more', through the development of Disciplinary Knowledge (skills linked to a subject), Substantive Knowledge (the facts and information that are key to a subject), Concepts (the understanding of core ideas behind a subject and Vocabulary.  Progression of Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge, Concepts and Vocabulary is planned within years and across this rolling programme to ensure that it does not matter whether children begin their time in a phase in Year A or Year B.


Since September 2023, our curriculum has been taught in 'blocks' across the whole school with the whole school focusing on, for example, history at any one time.  This includes the EYFS classes, even thought they are taught in a more 'thematic' model - for example, when the rest of the school is focusing on history learning, EYFS will be focusing on 'Understanding of the World'.


To see the rolling programme for whole school focuses, please click the document link below.

Whole School 2 year rolling programme

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