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An Introduction from the Head Teacher - Mr Michael Hawkins


Stoberry Park School has built a reputation for caring for its pupils while developing high standards across a rich and varied curriculum. The curriculum offered to pupils is built around a series of exciting 'Quests' while trips and visits are used to further enhance the learning opportunities. We aim to encourage our pupils to become researchers and deeper thinkers and to enjoy the learning they are involved in.


As a school, we aim to build the confidence, independence, creativity and aspirations of our pupils while not forgetting the importance of how they are perceived in the wider world.


The school has recently reaffirmed its commitment to supporting those children who display Dyslexic tendencies with the award of the Dyslexia Friendly School accreditation.


We also aim to develop independence in our pupils and offer them opportunities such as residential visits to Condover and London, along with outdoor and adventurous activities together with a range of clubs and sporting activities. The school is fortunate to benefit from being positioned in some of the most beautiful grounds which lend themselves to outdoor play and learning.

Stoberry Park School prides itself in developing new approaches to learning and in 2016 the school launched a project to build 'Growth Mindsets' within the pupils, staff and parents. This project aims to build resilience in learning and encourage children to understand that learning can be mastered if they are prepared to make mistakes, learn from them and put maximum effort into all they do.

We warmly welcome visitors to the school and hope that if you are considering Stoberry Park School as the school for your child you will come and visit us to experience what we believe to be a very special and unique ethos and working environment. Appointments to see the school can be made by contacting the school on 01749 672516 or via the contact email on the school website.


Our School aims to:

  • Encourage confidence, creativity, pride in achievement and teamwork
  • Encourage children to develop a Growth Mindset approach to learning
  • Nurture partnerships between the school, our children, their families and the local community
  • Help children develop appropriate relationships and effective communication skills in school and the wider world
  • Foster an atmosphere where children show respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty and self-discipline
  • Encourage each child to fulfill his or her potential in all aspects of the curriculum
  • Promote an enjoyment of learning that will last throughout life
  • Encourage children to develop enquiring minds, to think for themselves, to persevere with tasks and to become independent and resourceful
  • Promote active, healthy lifestyles
  • Help our children to appreciate and respect their environment and the wider world
  • Create an environment where children are able to develop morally and spiritually



Our Vision and Values


Stoberry Park School is committed to all children becoming independent learners who are creative and aspirational.


Through our Growth Mindset approach, we prepare our pupils to thrive in a world of opportunities and challenges. Trying hard and taking risks with learning are at the heart of our school.

With determined effort and purposeful practice, we build knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Our school values are underpinned by strong partnerships between home, school and our community and together the dreams and futures of our pupils can be realised as they grow.


The exciting journey starts here.



Your future, your dreams, our mission.   

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